Back Pain Remedies

If you experience pain, then you can benefit from pain relief. A chiropractor in Northern Virginia, VA, at Tysons Corner Chiropractic, can provide you or a loved one with chiropractic care. These are only a few of the many remedies that exist to aid in getting back pain relief.

Improve Sleep Quality

Having back pain can make sleeping difficult. But if you don’t get enough sleep, then your back will suffer even more because of it. To make it easier to rest at night, choose a comfortable mattress. Plus, sleeping in an awkward position can make it worse. Be sure to get to bed on time and do not be on your phone before you sleep. The light from your phone will disrupt your body’s sleeping mechanisms and make it harder for you to get a good night’s sleep.

How Good Posture Affects Back Pain

Slouching can make back pain worse, and this can be especially true if you sit for a long time. If you’re working at a keyboard, be aware of slouching and maintain good posture. To make it easier to sit upright, you can place a rolled towel or pillow between your seat and lower back.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise can release endorphins and relax tense muscles. Moderate exercises such as going for a short walk or swimming can give you some relief. Further, it can be helpful to have a regular exercise routine because this can prevent future back pain issues. You can maintain muscle strength and flexibility with stretches and strength training.

Try A Hands-On Approach To Back Pain

Another option is to have a specialist do spinal manipulation. This type of treatment can improve mobility and relieve spine issues by realigning the spine.

Back Pain Remedies And Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve been in a car or work accident and are now struggling with back pain, it’s important to get help. You may have a personal injury case, and we can help you navigate that. Our personal injury chiropractors specialize in treating accident-related injuries. We’ll work to get you feeling better and can provide the documentation you need for your claim.

Contact A Injury Relief Chiropractic Specialist On Our Team For Treatment And Chiropractic Care

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